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Our Core Beliefs

The world's best companies invest in the way they communicate product updates.

Documenting every release, big or small, fosters an equitable company culture as you scale.

That knowledge isn't just for people with the most tenure. Everyone should have access to the information they need to perform.

A well-written changelog can help you build trust with your most engaged stakeholders.

Sharing your progress proactively with customers can help them make better product decisions and view you as a true partner.

Winning teams are outcome-driven, not product-driven or sales-driven.

When done well, communicating updates invites teams to become active participants in each other's success. This leads to better outcomes for everyone.


A single place to share what's shipped

Give your internal teams an easier way to learn what you've been up to. Reduce the time spent preparing internal updates every week.

Designed to make release notes an asset, not an afterthought

Share relevant context and build excitement around your team's progress.

Hosted site with support for custom domains

Create a beautiful, engaging home for your updates that can be private or public.

Custom labels

Differentiate new product announcements from bug fixes and everything in between.

Text search

Make it easy for your audience to find what they're looking for.

Safely and securely integrated with your existing workflows

Easily sync data from the tools you already use. Build in-app notifications with our powerful APIs.

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